Better Together - Andrews Article for The Sunday Times

I have to admit some sense of déjà vu on picking up my copy of the Sunday Times yesterday to read the piece penned by Peter Duncan entitled, “New centre-right party can help Conservative cause.” Had I travelled back to 2011, I wondered, when this issue was thrust front and centre of the Scottish

Andrews Conference Review

So, that was that! Party Conference over for another year. And after a years hiatus, it was so good to see and catch up friends that many of us hadn’t seen since before the 2019 election.

Andrews Article for the South Deeside View 24/09/21

The pandemic has seen an unprecedented change to how we live, and record amounts of correspondence floods my inbox every week.

At any other time, people in rural areas like ours are urged to think about constitutional matters instead of those which actually impact on our daily lives.

Thoughts from Andrew on the Situation in Afghanistan

The events of the last few weeks are gut-wrenching. As someone who has had friends serve in that country and who thought they were building a better Afghanistan, I know how much the images are hurting our servicemen and women at this time.

Andrews Column for the Deeside Piper

Last week I was pleased to see Aberdeenshire Council re-invest in funding local bus services between Ballater and Braemar, and also flood defences for Kemnay.

The two-year boost will see costs covered for what would be loss-making journeys for private companies.

Andrews Monthly Newsletter - May/June 2021

It has been a while since I last wrote but as you will all be aware, it has been an incredibly busy few weeks with the “Super Thursday” Elections in May and the State Opening of Parliament launching this next session of Parliament with an ambitious and exciting Queen’s Speech outlining the progra