Parliamentary Speeches


Support to Abolish the Fixed Term Parliament Act

Earlier today Andrew spoke during a debate on the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, he supported the Governments proposal to abolish the act which he described on social media as "A failed and flawed Act which didn't do what it should have"

"Caution and Pragmatism" - Covid Secure Borders Debate

Last night Andrew spoke during the Covid Secure Borders debate in the house of commons. Drawing on his own experience of witnessing loved ones unable to see family abroad, he described the current red, amber, green system as "striking the right balance between caution and pragmatism". 

Andrews Heartfelt Speech on Dementia

"As a little boy, I remember lying in my bed, praying that the gran I knew when I was younger would return, that she would once again recognise me."

Andrew described Dementia as "heart-rendingly cruel" as he spoke in Parliament today.

Queens Speech reaction from Andrew

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Andrew spoke in support of the Queen's Speech during debate in Parliament today.

Andrew said that he hoped "we can work together with the Scottish Government to level up and deliver opportunities for all, wherever in the country you are."

Andrew Pays Commons Tribute to Prince Philip

Andrew joined Members of Parliament from across the Political Spectrum this afternoon as each paid tribute to HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The nation continues to mourn following the news of his death on Friday.

Andrew said in the hours following the announcement on Friday,