Parliamentary Speeches


Andrew Pays Commons Tribute to Prince Philip

Andrew joined Members of Parliament from across the Political Spectrum this afternoon as each paid tribute to HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The nation continues to mourn following the news of his death on Friday.

Andrew said in the hours following the announcement on Friday,

Budget 2021 - Andrews Debate Speech

Following the Chancellors budget last week, Parliament returned to the chamber for debate yesterday. Andrew spoke last night and addressed the SNPs claims to desire stability and certainty whilst at the same time pressing for a separation referendum. 

Andrews Armed Forces Bill Contribution

The Armed Forces Bill is a bill to continue the Armed Forces Act 2006; to amend that Act and other enactments relating to the armed forces; to make provision about service in the reserve forces; to make provision about pardons for certain abolished service offences; to make provision about war pe

Global Britain - Andrews Speech from the Commons Debate

Last night Andrew took part in a debate on Global Britain. The text from his speech is here - 

We debate here today at a time when the values we stand for as a country, when the values all liberal democracies of the world, seem more under threat than at any time in living memory.