Homelessness in Scotland (Feb 2020)

Housing is a devolved issue and therefore the responsibility of the Scottish Government.

I firmly believe that just one person without a roof over their head is one too many, and it is vitally important that the most vulnerable people in society, including homeless people and rough sleepers, are helped to get their lives back on track.

The Scottish Government must take responsibility for a rise in homelessness after more than 12 years in charge. Figures released last year showed a three per cent increase in people applying for temporary accommodation to their council. This means there are now over 36,000 people officially described as homeless in Scotland, which I understand is a four year high. I am aware that the number of children in temporary accommodation is also on the rise. On release of these statistics, Shelter Scotland said “On an industrial scale, thousands of men, women and children are being denied their most basic right to a safe home.” This is unacceptable.

The Scottish Government must start considering all causes of homelessness and come up with a meaningful solution to help the tens of thousands of Scots who find themselves homeless each year, rather than blaming other factors and Governments.