Immunity for Soldiers (Jan 2020)

I have great admiration for those members of the Armed Forces who served in Northern Ireland under Operation Banner. Without the heroism and bravery of the soldiers who fought and died to protect the people of Northern Ireland, there would not be the peace there is today.

As you may be aware, the Queen’s Speech set out the Government’s opposition to our Service personnel and veterans being subject to the threat of vexatious litigation in the form of repeated investigations and potential prosecution.

I also welcome the clarity that the Prime Minister has given in that he wants to end the unfair trials of people who served their country when no new evidence has been produced.

Alongside work being taken forward by Ministry of Defence on proposed legal protections for overseas veterans, I understand that action is being undertaken to swiftly implement the Stormont House Agreement to provide both reconciliation for victims and greater certainty for veterans of the Troubles.