Eat Out to Help Out - A Huge Success

The UK Governments Eat Out to Help Out Scheme has come to an end today but has been an overwhelming success according to Andrew. Speaking as he enjoyed a steak sandwich on one of the last days of the Eat Out scheme he said,

"I have spoken to many small and medium businesses across West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, pubs, restaurants, cafes and garden centres. I cannot remember anyone giving anything other than positive feedback when we've spoken. I have visited many venues myself during my recess tour and most have seemed incredibly busy, in fact on several occasions they've been fully booked when I've arrived. There is no doubt that this scheme has been of huge benefit to most and has hopefully helped many to get back up and running post lockdown."

During his socially distanced recess tour, containing surgeries, constituency visits and newsletter deliveries Andrew has visited dozens of pubs, cafes and restaurants to show his support and has urged local communities to continue supporting their small businesses as we look to recover from lockdown.