Give Golf Clubs the Support to Stay Closed - Or Let Them Open, Andrew Demands

Andrew has called on the Scottish Government to either get Golf Clubs the support they need to remain closed, or let them open so they can survive. The comments came after a second constituency based Golf Club asked Andrew for assistance following a failed appeal to receive Covid-19 Grant Support. 

Andrew said: "Because the SNP added needless clauses to the UK Government grant scheme, businesses across the North East are getting less financial support than England. In some cases they are getting no help at all. It would be a disgrace for clubs like Banchory to be hobbled because of a political decision by the SNP Scottish government."

He added: "Soon, it is my hope that golf and other forms of outdoor exercise resume with appropriate safety measures. I have urged the Minister to be fair with this club and other businesses like it, which are threatened by ruin over a few pennies in rateable value. If they don’t see sense, the SNP could preside over the end of recreational golf in Scotland."

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