Temporary Post Office Closures

There are currently several unplanned temporary closures of Post Offices within the West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine Constituency, whilst these are unavoidable they will nevertheless be an inconvenience for many. 

For further information please access The Post Office Consultation Hub via the links below:

Consultation Hub - Dunecht AB32 7AX

Consultation Hub - Crathie AB35 5UL

Consultation Hub - Stonehaven AB39 2BU       

Speaking in relation to a closure in Stonehaven Andrew welcomed Post Office promises that one of its two Stonehaven branches will open again soon. The in-shop counter in Keystore, Allardice Street, was closed to business earlier this month. This left some residents in town facing a long, uphill journey to the smaller counter in the Kirkton Road Co-op.
Andrew contacted the Post Office about the resumption of services and the national consultation manager has stated the Post Office is "not viewing any changes to Post Office services during the pandemic as a permanent situation".

Audra Mirjah-Clarke told Andrew,
"I would like to take this opportunity to confirm that due to the difficult circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, Stonehaven Post Office is one of many that has been forced to close temporarily. As you will understand there are relatively a large number of branches that have had to make temporary operational changes because of the impact of the pandemic. Thank you also for the offer in assisting us to restore Post Office services locally. At this time we are not viewing any changes to Post Office services during the pandemic as a permanent situation."

In response Andrew said, 
"At a time when Covid-19 is limiting the amount of interaction we can have with friends and family, the entire postal service is vital and many of the Post Office's services cannot be found elsewhere. Access to banking services alone means Stonehaven should keep both counters. I am grateful for the response from the Post Office and look forward to seeing the the supermarket branch reopening."