Meeting with Richmond Group of Charities

Andrew today met with the representatives of the Richmond Group of Charities in Parliament, which includes Arthritis Research UK and Stroke Association.



Liberty, Freedom and the centre right's inability to communicate

I’ve been thinking a lot in last two days about Ronald Reagan’s farewell address which he delivered on January 11th 1989. I was only 1 year old when he sat behind the desk in the oval office and spoke, for the last time as president, to his country and the world.

Andrew visits HorseBack UK

Andrew today visited the inspirational and transformative veterans charity HorseBack UK in Aboyne. Andrew was accompanied by Liam Kerr MSP.

Following a informative discussion about the amazing work the charity undertakes, Andrew looks forward helping and promoting their work.

Banchory Academy visit

Today Andrew met pupils from Banchory Academy, to talk about his role as a Member of Parliament. He also quizzed by the 5th and 6th years, who asked some tough and interesting questions. Andrew looks forward to returning to the Academy in the future.



Offshore Europe

Andrew was delighted to visit the SPE Offshore Europe in Aberdeen this morning. He spoke with business leaders and specialists within the industry talking about the positive future of the North Sea and Oil and Gas industry.


Video Update

Today Andrew posted his first video update, where he talked about some of the issues that he has been voting on in Westminster as well as his desire to keep constituents informed through future video updates.

Food and Drink Industry Pledge

Last week Andrew pledged he was happy to support the Food and Drink Industry - the UKs largest manufacturing sector. Andrew also spoke to the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) who talked to MPs about the strength of the industry. 

Debate on the Future of our Armed Forces

Today Andrew spoke on the importance of maintaining a strong Royal Navy, Andrew had this to say "I was proud to speak about how our island nation depends on safe waters and open sea ways and therefore a strong Royal Navy for is safety, security and its economic growth.

Question to the Chancellor

Yesterday Andrew asked a question to the Chancellor of the Exchequer on "whether he agreed with me that, with the low oil price still causing concern for many in the North East, the underlying strength of the UK economy, now the second highest growing in the G7, has allowed this Government to giv