Glasgoforest Farm visit

Andrew met Anne at the team at Glasgoforest Farm in West Aberdeenshire, and saw the incredible work that is being done in the Organic Dairy sector. The highlight of the visit was seeing plans for the Self-vending Milk machine, which is due to go live in a few weeks time.

EE emergency services mast

Andrew today visited the site for the new EE mobile services mast. This will allow the North East to have improved connectivity for Emergency Services, local businesses and ordinary households, thanks to the UK Home Office Emergency Services contract!

Andrew visits Offshore Wind Week

Andrew joined energy companies and others from the industry at the Offshore Wind Week 2017, celebrating the amazing work and development in the offshore renewable energy sector.

Being an optimist comes with the membership...

This might seem like an odd thing to say this week of all weeks, but I feel really positive about the future of politics and the future of the Conservative Party.

Concerns rasied regarding ScotGov's twitter account

Andrew wrote to the Scottish Government's Permanent Secretary, Leslie Evans and the UKs most senior Civil Servant, Sir Jeremy Heywood, regarding the concerns over the overtly political nature of recent tweets form the official Scottish Government Twitter account.

Alford Bonfire Night Celebrations

Andrew visited the Bonfire night celebrations held in Alford. This event was partly organised by the 1st Alford Scout Group. Andrew was joined by Huntly, Strathbogie and Alford Councillor, Robbie Withey. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show and the turn out was fantastic.


Andrew meets University of Aberdeen Principal

Andrew met the Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Aberdeen, Sir Ian Diamond, to discuss the future of Higher Education funding in Scotland. Other topic included Brexit, soft powers and the Student Experience.

Armed Forces Pay Debate

Andrew spoke about the heroic men and women who served the country in the past as well as those who are currently serving our nation, and how the Government has a duty of care towards them.

Not just pay wise but also in respect of Mental and other Health care.


Scottish Charitable Air Ambulance

Andrew met with staff from the Scottish Charitable Air Ambulance, and discussed the vital and important work that they do.

He hopes to meet them again soon, to further discuss the work and meet more volunteers.

Mearns Fitness Opening

Andrew was joined by Laurencekirk Councillor George Carr, at the opening of the new state of the art Mearns Fitness.

It has fantastic facilities, for all local members, and it is wonderful to see a new and fresh, local, family business.