The SNPs Agenda is Divisive - Andrew writes for The Times Red Box

"This will not be an easy fight. It will involve our whole party and all of Government. It will be challenging. But the existence of our country as we know it is at stake and so I believe- and I know the Prime Minister believes- the fight is worth it."

Prime Minister Commits to World Energy Capital

Today the Prime Minister committed to working with the oil & gas industry to make Aberdeen City & Shire no longer simply the oil & gas capital of Europe, but the Energy Capital of the World. The Prime Minister spoke in response to a question from Andrew during PMQs.

Sea of Opportunity Following SFF Meeting

Andrew met the SFF in Parliament today following the UK Governments commitment to take the UK out of the hated CFP. Fishermen across the North East of Scotland have long supported the UK becoming an independent coastal state and will take full advantage of the benefits of being so. 

NHS Funding Bill Speech

Tonight Andrew spoke in the NHS Funding Bill debate. The decisions being made by the Conservative UK Government mean there will, this year, be a record boost to Scotland's block grant.

Ministerial Visit to Westhill

Andrew welcomed Cabinet Office Minister Oliver Dowden MP to Westhill this morning as the two visited Total to hear about the incredible investment in new technologies and the future of the north sea energy industry.

A Government for the Whole United Kingdom

Andrew used an opportunity today to ask what plans the Government have to ensure civil service jobs are spread throughout the entire United Kingdom, enforcing the Conservatives position as a true One Nation Government. 

Andrew writes to the Chancellor on IR35

Andrew has today (17th December 2019) written to Sajid Javid, the Chancelllor of the Exchequer, asking the Chancellor to outline when the UK Government's promised review of IR35 will take place.

The text of the letter was as follows: 


"Dear Sajid,

The 2019 General Election

The 2019 General Election was not one any of us wanted. But it was one that the country needed.