Andrew Visits Pipe Band Championships

Andrew attended the North of Scotland Pipe Band Championships in Banchory at the weekend, taking the opportunity to meet with many local charities, businesses and organisations.


Andrew Meets Highland Reserve Forces and Cadets Association CEO

Last week Andrew met with Mark Dodson, Chief Executive of the Highland Reserve Forces and Cadets Association. 

Andrew commented that it was "great to learn about the work they do supporting Reserves and Cadet Units across the North and North East of Scotland."

Andrew visits Portlethen Depot

Yesterday Andrew visited the state of the art DPD depot in Portlethen. It was an opportunity to learn about the cutting edge technology and industry leading ideas that the company is using here and around the country. 

Membership of the UN Security Council is a Privilege

Yesterday, Andrew asked the Prime Minister if she agreed that membership of the UN security council is a privilege that comes with great responsibility. Russia is shirking that responsibility and is complicit in the continued horrendous suffering of the Syrian people.