Support for Veterans (Feb 2020)

I understand all concerns regarding the welfare of veterans. I am proud of the courage and dedication of our Armed Forces and for the vast majority their experience of serving is positive. However, for those who need extra support, it is our duty to ensure that those who served our country continue to receive the very best possible care.

I am very pleased about the creation of the Office for Veterans’ Affairs. It will take on the challenges faced by our nation’s veterans by coordinating action to support the welfare of those who serve and put their lives on the line for us all. The Office works with departments to coordinate and drive government policy on veterans’ welfare, spanning mental and physical health, education and employment.

The Veterans’ Gateway, provided by a consortium of veteran charities, provides 24/7 support and advice to veterans. This includes help with health concerns, housing, employment, and finance, all issues which disproportionately affect disabled veterans.

The MOD works closely with the NHS and service charities to ensure that veterans who have been physically injured have access to appropriate care, for example through high quality prosthetic limbs and rehabilitation facilities. The Veterans Trauma Network aims to provide a safety net for trauma-recovering veterans and transitioning Service personnel, to ensure their life-long healthcare needs are met.

While more work remains to be done, I am pleased that such a great deal of progress has been made towards better supporting veterans’ health.