Hill of Fare Wind Farm Proposals

RES Energy, a renewable energy company HQ'd in the UK, is proposing to build a wind farm at the Hill of Fare, 6km North of Banchory. (You can see the precise location in the attachment below)

The wind farm would consist of 17 turbines, with a height of 250m. They would be visible from up to 35km away. 

RES has gone to great length to study the impact on visibility, on the local environment, and on local wildlife. 

Renewable energy will play a vital role in our future energy mix, but questions have been raised about the suitability of this project given the size of the turbines, and the natural beauty of the Aberdeenshire countryside.

Have your say- do you think the project should go ahead? Please also leave any comments you have as this is a nuanced issue.

You can read full details about the project here: http://www.hilloffare-windfarm.co.uk/the-project/


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Hill of Fare Wind Farm

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