SSEN Kintore-Tealing Overhead Line proposals

My view is clear, these are huge pieces of infrastructure that will irreparably damage the countryside that we call home.

Whilst the UK Government has reserved competency of transmission grid regulation, the necessary pre-condition to electricity transmission infrastructure is onshore and offshore wind. The Scottish Government has exclusive discretion for provision of, approve and deny applications for onshore and offshore wind in Scotland and in Scottish waters.

It is because the SNP/Green Scottish Government have allocated so much offshore wind (without proper consultation, or appreciation for the transmission infrastructure required) that we are in this situation in the first instance.

With that in mind, I have written to the Scottish Government outlining that they must use their devolved powers over planning and consenting to deny any application for these pylons and associated infrastructure. To do otherwise, would be to ignore the overwhelming strength of feeling in your community, and communities all across the Mearns. You can view my letter to the Scottish Government here.

SSEN have now announced the upcoming dates for their next consultation, there will be two separate consultations: one on the proposed substation (now moved to Fetteresso Woods) and another on the on the new section of
overhead line.

All information available at events and the instructions to submit your feedback can be found here.

I would encourage you feedback to the consultation and attend a public event if able. As ever, please let me know if there are any other issues or concerns you may have.


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