Andrew Bowie MP - statement on the vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister

This evening the members of the Parliamentary Conservative Party will be asked to cast their ballots in a confidence vote in the Prime Minister. I want to let you know that I will be casting my vote in support of her.

I frequently get asked why I am a Conservative. For me it really is very simple; I believe in moderate, pragmatic governance in the national interest of our whole United Kingdom. I believe only the Conservative Party can deliver that. And in Theresa May, I believe we have a leader who not only shares those values, but who embodies them and who has dedicated her entire life to public service and to our country. At this critical time in our island story, she is committed to seeing Brexit through and committed to building a Britain we can be proud of. She has my full and unwavering support in this endeavour. And that is why I am backing her in the confidence vote tonight.