Andrew writes to the Chancellor on IR35

Andrew has today (17th December 2019) written to Sajid Javid, the Chancelllor of the Exchequer, asking the Chancellor to outline when the UK Government's promised review of IR35 will take place.

The text of the letter was as follows: 


"Dear Sajid,

On the 2nd December, speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box Live, you pledged to have a review into the proposed changes to tax rules for the self employed and contractors. You also said that this review should include IR35.

You will, I know, be fully aware of the large number of contractors working in the oil, gas and subsea industries, particularly in the North East of Scotland. Whilst I understand HM Treasury’s desire to tackle tax avoidance, it is important that, in going after those that are doing wrong, we don’t punish those who are simply making a living.  We must ensure that any changes do not have an adverse impact on the workforce in the energy industry- and others, so vital to the economy of the North East of Scotland.

If the proposed changes - making every medium and large sector private business responsible for setting the tax status of any contractor they use, were to come into effect, I would worry for the industry and its ability to attract the highly skilled workers they need. It is also predicted that changes could see a workers income reduced by up to 25 per cent. Many of these workers are my constituents.

Therefore I would like you to set out when the review will begin and if, as a result of the review, the deadline for the changes to be made, currently the 6th April 2020, might be extended.

Yours Aye,


Andrew Bowie MP"