Sanctions Regime Post Brexit (Feb 2020)

I can assure you that the UK will establish an autonomous global human rights sanctions regime once we leave the European Union, including Magnitsky-style sanctions. A global sanctions regime will allow the UK to respond to serious human rights violations or abuses anywhere in the world.

The UK is committed to the promotion and protection of human rights. A human rights sanctions regime will help support crucial human rights objectives. Ministers will look to cooperate with others, including the US and Canada, who use sanctions to address human rights. The proposed human rights sanctions regime is still in development.

With regards to China specifically, over the past 65 years, the UK-China relationship has grown from strength to strength. The deep and broad links between the two countries range from Government to Government to Business to Business and to People to People. As important strategic partners, this relationship allows the UK to raise human rights issues with China on a bilateral basis.